How to choose the size of a male coat?

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For most of the men, shopping is not exactly their favorite activity, which is why when looking for a garment they need they are much more pragmatic than women and sometimes more determined. If this is your case and you are wandering how you can purchase waistcoat men then this guide will help you out.

Steps to follow:

  1. Take the measurements of your body, first the width of the back measuring with a tape measure from the bone over the left shoulder to the right, then go to the chest, you will border it with the tape in the most voluptuous point, the center generally, if you want to measure it at its best, breathe deeply, then move to the length of your arm from the shoulder bone to the wrist. Now that you have your body measurements guided by the following standard patterns.
  2. If you are in Pakistan sizes will be from 34 to 46 depending on the store, and even higher, will be 10 more numbers but corresponding to the same patterns, i.e. from 44 to 56.
  3. Size 34, corresponds to the measures of 44cms of back, 102cms of chest and 64.5cms of length of sleeve.
  4. Size 36, corresponds to measures of 45cms of back, 106cms of chest and 65cms of length of sleeve.
  5. Size 38, corresponds to measures of 46cms of back, 110cms of chest and 65.5cms of length of sleeve.
  6. Size 40, corresponds to the measures of 47cms of back, 114cms of chest and 66cms of length of sleeve.
  7. Size 42, corresponds to the measures of 48cms of back, 118cms of chest and 66.5cms of length of sleeve.
  8. Size 44, corresponds to the measures of 49cms of back, 122cms of chest and 67cms of length of sleeve.
  9. Size 46, corresponds to measures of 50cms of back, 126cms of chest and 67.5cms of length of sleeve.

Remember that this is a standard guide but in the fashion industry the sizes vary depending on the shop and the design of the garment, if the one that is supposed to be your size does not have you experience with other.

If you have a large size, remember that not all stores will get the size you are looking for, go to those that you know offer this pattern.